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Gigabyte Goes Affordable with $1,299 Sabre 15 and 17 Gaming Laptops

Gigabyte Goes Affordable with $1,299 Sabre 15 and 17 Gaming Laptops

Typically when you think of Gigabyte/Aorus, you think of laptops like the Aero 15X or X9. Beautiful, powerful laptops with budget-breaking prices.

However, Gigabyte is now trying to spread the PC gaming love to more people with its two newest gaming laptops, the Sabre 15 and Sabre 17. Starting at $1,299, these affordable notebooks will be launching just around the time you're sending the kiddies back to school.


Although they're Gigabyte-branded, both Sabres look more like Aorus laptops, the company's enthusiast brand. Both notebooks have that sleek black, soft-touch chassis accented with a shiny silver Gigabyte emblem at the top of the lid. The interior is also made with black soft-touch finish and houses a backlit, island-style keyboard with 1920 x 1080 displays.

The laptops are loaded with ports, especially the Sabre 17. Although it was plugged into several things at the Gigabyte booth, I ..

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At Computex, Intel Demos A 28-Core Processor Clocked At 5GHz (Updated)

At Computex, Intel Demos A 28-Core Processor Clocked At 5GHz (Updated)
EDIT: According to this image we sourced from Engadget's compressed keynote video on YouTube, Intel was apparently running some sort of closed-loop cooling that required insulating material around the tubing. This could be connected to a multi-stage phase cooler (sub-zero cooling), or possibly a more mundane water chiller, under the table. We also spot more shielding over the long rectangular waterblock and what appears to be six sticks of RAM flanking the processor on each side. That implies the platform is based on the (until now) enterprise-class LGA3647 socket. This means the processor could be a variant of the $8,700 Xeon Platinum Scalable processor we reviewed here, albeit with an unlocked multiplier. (That doesn't bode well for pricing). We'll dig for more details and update as necessary.

EDIT #2: We tracked down Intels's test system, which confirms the company was using a chiller with ..

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Marvell Announces Two New NVMe Controllers

Marvell Announces Two New NVMe Controllers

Marvell announced two new NVMe controllers that will emerge in retail SSDs around the 2019 time frame. The 8-channel 88SS1100 and 4-channel 88SS1084 enable INFi4.0 and Toggle 3 flash memory technology for 3-bit per cell and upcoming 4-bit per cell deployment.

“Marvell is expanding and broadening our leading portfolio of NVMe SSD controllers to help our customers address the growing amount of diversifying SSD product opportunities with emerging 3D TLC and QLC NAND components,” said Nigel Alvares, vice president of SSD and Data Center Storage Solutions at Marvell. “Our common SSD hardware and firmware controller architecture spanning our client, data center and enterprise products enables our customers to quickly develop tailored SSDs for each of these segments with minimal incremental engineering effort and achieve optimal return on investment of their precious firmware engineering resources.”

88SS1092 (Eldora)

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Google, Facebook Accused Of Violating Washington Campaign Finance Laws

Google, Facebook Accused Of Violating Washington Campaign Finance Laws (Updated)
Update, 6/7/18, 7:20am PT:

According to a Geekwire report, Google has stopped all political advertising in Washington after AG Ferguson sued both Google and Facebook to force them to comply with the relevant local laws.

Alex Krasov, a Google spokesperson, said in a statement:
“We take transparency and disclosure of political ads very seriously which is why we have decided to pause state and local election ads in Washington, starting June 7, while we assess the amended campaign disclosure law and ensure that our systems are built to comply with the new requirements.”
Original, 6/4/18, 8:45am PT:
Washington Attorney General (AG) Bob Ferguson filed campaign finance lawsuits in King County Superior Court alleging that both Google and Facebook violated the state’s campaign finance laws.

Google, Facebook And Washington Campaign Finance Laws

More specifically, Ferguson argued in the lawsuit that both Google..

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