GameZone PSN Name Changing officially unveiled by Sony

Looks like the rumors were true and what looked like a much-demanded feature that will never happen finally becomes reality soon. Sony announced that users of the PlayStation Network will be able to change their PSN ID as early as next year. Before that, an early test phase will take place in the PlayStation Preview Program.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sid Shuman, Social Media Director at PlayStation, announced the highly-requested name change option to the public. PS4 users will be able to change their PSN name through their consoles but there is a catch. While participants of the beta will be able to change their names as often as they want during the test phase, once the feature gets released to the public PSN ID changes will cost money.

The first name change is on the house but every subsequent attempt to change your PSN name will cost a hefty $9.99. Subscribers to PlayStation Plus get 50% off and will be charged only $4.99. Not really optimal but hey, the mere ability to change names is being received extremely positively among PS4 users.


If you’re hesitant that a name change will confuse your online friends as to who you are but still want a new name, you will have the option to display your new PSN ID alongside your old. Once again however, there’s a little catch. Whatever you commit to, display your old ID or not, that choice is also final and can’t be changed without requesting – and paying – for a new ID change.

Interestingly enough, we also get a glimpse that the PSN name change is more complicated than many users assumed. Sony discloses that there might be certain games released before April 1st, 2018 that will have issues displaying new PSN IDs. Games released after that date and even the majority of game before should work without any complications.

Stay tuned for early 2019 when Sony is planning to roll out the PSN ID change to all of its users.

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