[Watch] Here’s the opening chapter of Life is Strange 2

Several years ago, Dontnod Entertainment blew everyone away with their story-driven adventure game, Life is Strange. Following a young teenage girl trying to make her way through the world, sew together an old friendship, and stay out of trouble, she is quickly thrust into a larger than life situation.

Things rapidly spiral out of control as she gains supernatural time travel powers and attempts to make things right in the world but no matter what she does, there’s always a consequence. It was an incredibly emotional series that critics and fans alike clung to for its incredible charm, beautiful and authentic story, and simple but beautiful art style.

Flash forward to 2018 and we’re just a few days away from the launch of the sequel, Life is Strange 2. This time, we’re following a new set of characters in a different series of extraordinary circumstances. You play as Sean, a young Hispanic boy who is forced to leave home with his little brother, Daniel, after a terrible tragedy occurs on his front lawn.

On the road with only a few bucks and junk food, Sean must attempt to get his brother from their home in Seattle to Mexico. Of course, a 16-year-old isn’t really the most well-equipped to handle a very adult situation like this so it’ll definitely be a challenge for Sean himself.

We were lucky to get our hands on a copy of Life is Strange 2 ahead of its official launch and were given permission to post the game’s opening chapter online. You can get a feel for the characters and world of the game, some of the new mechanics, and witness the event that sends Daniel and Sean on the run in the video below. If you want to be totally surprised when you play the game, we recommend not watching the last 4 – 5 minutes of the video.

Life is Strange 2 releases on Wednesday, September 26th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. We’ll have a review up before launch on Wednesday morning.

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