New Death Stranding footage reveals Troy Baker as antagonist

Last night/this morning at TGS, Hideo Kojima gave us a new yet still very weird look at Death Stranding. There’s not a whole lot of context to it and honestly, watching it just made us more confused than before but hey, it looks imaginative and cool!

Norman Reedus’ character, Sam, is seen carrying a man through the world when suddenly, a cloaked figure wearing a golden mask (played by Troy Baker) stops them in their tracks. It seems they may have some history and the man with the golden mask summons a weird, black gooey creature with a similar golden mask. Truthfully, it’s hard to put into words what we saw but it looks like an intro to a potential boss battle. You can see the clip below.

If we had to guess, we’ll likely see combat in the next reveal potentially at The Game Awards in December. That could either come in the form of this boss battle or something else but it seems like the marketing is slowly building towards that.

For those out of the loop, Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s passion project funded by Sony after he was ousted from Konami. We don’t particularly know what the game is about other than something incredibly untraditional and likely never seen before in the gaming space. Whether that’s through gameplay or narrative devices, we likely won’t know for quite some time.

Kojima has been vocal about creating a story that connects life and death itself with gameplay twists on respawning, dying, and more. While it hasn’t been discussed much, Kojima also noted that there’s a multiplayer/social aspect to Death Stranding. It’ll be used more as a way to bring people together as opposed to a PVP element that pushes players apart.

Death Stranding has no release date right now but many speculate a late 2019/early 2020 release. It’ll release exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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