Forza Horizon 4 Demo is going live later today; Watch Halo’s Warthog in action

Microsoft is releasing a demo for upcoming open-world arcade racer Forza Horizon 4. The news comes after a store page for the demo went live earlier. There, we learn more about the imminent demo apart that it’s launching today. The Demo will weigh a hefty 28GB, so be prepared. The Forza Horizon 4 demo will be available for Xbox One and PC.

The stor page sadly doesn’t state the scope of the demo, but we’re hoping to get a glimpse of the new and unique features Forza Horizon 4 will be bringing to the franchise. Especially the dynamic weather system with its seasonal settings are catching our eyes.

In terms of content, Forza Horizon 4 aims to push the envelope further with a massive garage of vehicles to choose from, learn and perfect. A staggering figure of over 450 of these highly varied vehicles. From exotic sports cars to even trucks. Even fantasy vehicles from the Halo franchise!

Speaking of, developer Playground Games has shared gameplay footage of the Halo-themed mission in Forza Horizon 4 in their recent videocast. Like we previously reported on the first leak that Halo’s cult Warthog will have an appearance, the new and official gameplay demo shows off the Warthog in action. The stream is fairly long and covers a lot of vehicles and events, so you might want to skip to the 1:46 hour mark, where the Halo showcase begins.

The segment doesn’t just show the Warthog however, as we also get to see the mission and special Halo track. There are more surprises we don’t want to spoil here, so you better check it out for yourself!

Forza Horizon 2 is heading for its release on October 2nd for Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs. Just the right time to appreciate the dynamic seasons. Stay tuned for more news about Forza Horizon 4. Subscribers of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass will get access Day 1. If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition, you’ll be able to play even earlier, starting September 28th. That will cost you a hefty extra and ups the price of admission to $99.99 but you also receive all future expansions and cars as well as the Day 1 Car Pack and Formula Drift Car Pack.

Head on over to Forza Horizon 4’s store page on the Microsoft Marketplace where you can pre-order the game.

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