[Watch] Marvel Battle Lines gets new gameplay trailer featuring Thanos

Earlier this year, Marvel teamed up with developer Nexon to lead the charge on a new Marvel mobile game. The mobile game known as Marvel Battle Lines is similar to Magic, Gwent, and Hearthstone where you battle other players with powerful character cards.

With over 200 Marvel characters and cards, players will be able to build their ultimate superhero/villain team to take on friends and other players online. The goal of the game is to build out your team on a grid to create powerful battle lines and combinations of characters that will deal the most damage to the opposing player.

Using various tactics such as moving cards or playing them in key locations, players will only win once they’ve defeated the opponent using battle lines – three across, three adjacent, four down, an L-shape, etc. – will win the match. If you’re not ready for PvP, you can still progress through the game’s single player which is backed by an original story from Marvel writer Alex Irvine.

You can check out the first gameplay video showcasing a match between Thanos and Ms. Marvel (aka Captain Marvel) below!

There’s no release date for Marvel Battle Lines quite yet but it’ll drop sometime in 2018. You can go to marvelbattlelines.com to pre-register for the game and get an exclusive Doctor Strange card and 5,000 in-game gold.

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