Valve has renovated Steam’s “upcoming releases” tab

Valve has renovated Steam's "upcoming releases" tab

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Published: 12th July 2018 | Source: Valve/Steam | Author: Mark Campbell

Valve has renovated Steam's

Valve has renovated Steam's "upcoming releases" tab

Most PC gamers know that Steam has a problem with new game releases, with hundreds of new titles arriving on the storefront on a monthly basis. While this has caused a large number of low-quality games to release on the platform, it also makes the store's "upcoming releases" tab almost useless.
Keeping track of new releases on Steam is extremely difficult, forcing Valve to create a "smarter, more tailored" list to release their purely chronological upcoming releases tab, hoping to increase user engagement and increase the discoverability of new games.
In a Blogpost titles 'Improvements to the "Upcoming" tab on Steam', Valve has detailed several changes to Steam which will make "upcoming releases" suggestions based on games that you already play and titles that users have previously wishlisted and exclude games that users have marked as "not interested" in and DLC for games that users don't own.
On Steam's new Upcoming Releases page, Steam users also have the option to look at Steam's original, unfiltered chronological release list.

Valve has renovated Steam's

These new options are designed to make Steam's upcoming release list more useful to gamers, allowing users to block games or genres from the list if it doesn't interest them and can fill the list with games that users have expressed interest in or match known player interests.
Less than 0.5% of Steam users ever clocked on the store's upcoming releases tab, making it clear that changes needed to be made to the online store. Hopefully, Valve's latest changes are a step in the right direction, assuming Steam's algorithms can recommend suitable games and improve the discoverability of high-quality indie titles.
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