Corsair H100i Pro AIO Cooler Review

Corsair H100i Pro AIO Cooler Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Published: 19th July 2018 | Source: Corsair | Price: | Author: Tom Logan

Corsair H100i Pro AIO Cooler Review


It seems to be still very recent history that water-cooled processors were the stuff of the very wealthy or time rich, and usually both, whilst the enormous majority of us picked a 120mm tower cooler and looked on with envious eyes.

The world of All-In-One (AIO) coolers changed all that. Combining the lower noise and temperatures one could expect from a water cooled setup, with the simple 'get out of box, assemble CPU clamp, play' installation of an air-cooled offering, they were all things to nearly all people.

In fact they are so popular, and so relatively affordable, that we'd wager more people have an AIO cooled CPU than an air one, and as far as the enthusiast world that we inhabit goes, we'd be tempted to say 9 out of 10 systems have got a radiator in them. The Corsair H range is one of the most popular of all AIOs, with a model to suit pretty much any pocket and the reliability one hopes to have when putting a liquid in with expensive electricals.

The H100 is probably their most popular offering as the larger radiator really lets you either unleash the performance of your CPU or just turn your fans down and stop giving yourself a headache during those long days in front of the keyboard. If you fall into the latter group then the H100i Pro, today's review, should be very much up your alley as it has been specifically designed to be extremely quiet.

Does it prove to be so? Is the cooling capacity still good enough that you aren't paying for silence with toasty temps? Let's find out.

Technical Specifications

When you bring the outstanding Corsair ML fans to the party you know that you'll not be limited by the quality or the blades pushing the air onto your radiator. Add that to an RGB logo which supports all the flashy effects available from the Corsair iCUE software along with tailored fan profiles and there is much to get excited about.

Corsair H100i Pro AIO Cooler Review
Corsair H100i Pro AIO Cooler Review

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