E3 2018: Xbox announces Gears Tactics and Gears of War 5 for 2019

After reviving Gears of War back in 2016, Coalition teased a very interesting sequel to serve as the middle chapter of their new trilogy. With a new threat rising, Gears of War 5 will seemingly give us a much darker and more horrific entry in the series with the new squad’s limits being tested.

After learning of a dark secret surrounding Kait and the Locusts, the team moves north to find answers to the questions that still linger. It seems like friendships will be torn apart, new enemies will emerge, and much more. You view the first trailer for Gears 5 below.

On top of that, The Coalition also announced Gears Tactics, an RTS similar to XCom that will be set in the universe of Gears of War. If that’s not enough, there’s also a mobile Gears of War FunkoPop game coming in 2019. We have no idea what you actually do in it but it’s a thing for whatever reason!

Gears of War 5, Tactics, and Funkopop will be releasing in 2019.

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