MSI MPG27C Curved 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

MSI MPG27C Curved 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Published: 16th May 2018 | Source: MSI | Price: | Author: Tom Logan

MSI MPG27C Curved 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review


The MSI Optix range comes in a few different types, from the simple all the way up to the 1440P 144Hz flagship model and in a selection of sizes.

We have the second from the top of the range one, the MPG27C. 27 inches of curved gloriousness with 144Hz refresh rate and customisable RGB lighting both at the bottom of the front panel and in a big swathe across the rear. The resolution of our review sample is 1080P which enables you to have a vision filling image without necessarily breaking the bank on GPU horsepower to run it at its fullest. Naturally having 2 million pixels on a 27" monitor means that the pixel size is a teeny bit larger than you might be used to seeing but it is by no means problematic. We are big fans of high refresh rates in monitors and the 144Hz available on the Optix MPG27C is more of a premium feature than you might imagine if you haven't experienced the smoothness that this high of a refresh rate can offer.

The included stand supports a wide range of movement with the only thing lacking being the ability to run the monitor in portrait mode. It has to be said that we don't know of any curved display that enables this mode though, so it's not a knock against the MSI in particular.

With the addition of the Steelseries Gamesense and the MSI Mystic Light the MPG27C promises much. Does it deliver?

Technical Specifications

MSI MPG27C Curved 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

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