GPU prices are starting to decrease!

GPU prices are starting to decrease!

We are not back to MSRP, but it's a start

Published: 2nd April 2018 | Source: OC3D | Author: Mark Campbell

GPU pricing - Then VS Now - How much has changed?

GPU prices are starting to decrease!

Almost two weeks ago we had a look at GPU pricing, comparing the price of graphics hardware at the time of review and comparing them to the same model at the time of publication.
The reasoning behind that piece was simple; it gave us a clear metric which showcased how the market had changed while also offering data which we could reference in the future if and when market conditions improve.
Today we can say that GPU pricing is starting to improve (at least in the UK), with five out of our nine GPUs seeing a price decrease and only a single price increase. In this new data, we have decided to remove all GPUs which have retail listings but are out of stock, as these listings can include discontinued products.
While all of the prices remain above their launch pricing, we can see a downward trend, especially on Radeon hardware. While the price of the ASUS GTX 1080 Strix may now be the same at its launch day pricing, remember that Nvidia reduced its MSRP by $100 in March 2017, which means that pricing remains above its modern MSRP.
These price decreases are likely due to a drop in GPU demand from cryptocurrency miners, with increases in mining difficulty and rumours of an Ethereum mining ASIC making these buyers apprehensive about making additional graphics card purchases.

GPUPrice when ReviewedDate when ReviewedPrice on March 20th Today's Price (April 2nd)% Change (Since March 20th)% Change (Since Review)
MSI GTX 1050 2GB Low Profile£119.9916/2/2017£128.99£128.99+7.5%
Zotac GTX 1060 6GB AMP£269.9919/7/2016£289.99£289.99+7.4%
ASUS GTX 1060 6GB Strix£329.9919/7/2016£379.99£379.99+15.15%
ASUS GTX 1070 8GB Gaming Strix OC£479.9915/6/2016£599.99£529.99-13.2%+10.41%
Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition£4192/11/2017£529.99 (Not a FE)
(Cheapest @OCUK)
£499.99 (not the same SKU) Cheapest on OCUK-6%+19.04
ASUS GTX 1080 Strix OC£619.997/6/2016£649.99£619.99-4.83%
MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio£749.9919/10/2017£889.99£929.99+4.3%+24%
PowerColor RX 580 Red Devil £249.9918/4/2017£428.99£314.99-36.19%+26%
PowerColor RX Vega 64 Red Devil£589.9929/11/2017£949.99£659.99-43.94%+11.8%

(New prices are from April 2nd)

We hope that this will be the start of a downward trend which will bring these GPUs back to their standard pricing, allowing gamers to create powerful PCs with a smaller investment and return the PC hardware market to normality.
You can join the discussion on today's GPU prices on the OC3D Forums.

Otaku,Cats lover and of course the founder of “When life gets hard.. just Watercool and OVERCLOCK !”
Otaku,Cats lover and of course the founder of “When life gets hard.. just Watercool and OVERCLOCK !”
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Otaku,Cats lover and of course the founder of "When life gets hard.. just Watercool and OVERCLOCK !"

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