AREZ GPU webpage spotted on ASUS Website

AREZ GPU webpage spotted on ASUS Website

Will ASUS consider a MARZ brand for Nvidia?

Published: 16th April 2018 | Source: ASUS Website | Author: Mark Campbell

AREZ GPU webpage spotted on ASUS Website

AREZ GPU webpage spotted on ASUS Website

For the past while, rumours of an AMD-specific AREZ GPU sub-brand has been making waves across the internet. This homage to the ultra-enthusiast ARES series of GPUs was rumoured to be arriving as a result of Nvidia's Geforce Partners Program (GPP), a divisive program which allegedly forces manufacturers to adopt specific Gaming branding for Geforce graphics cards exclusively.
Now ASUS' website has been updated to include an AREZ graphics card webpage, though at this time this webpage does not showcase any new Radeon products.
This sub-brand will reportedly replace ROG/Republic of Games when it comes to Radeon hardware, though this naming scheme will allegedly be used for other Radeon Graphics cards such as the ASUS dual, Expedition and Phoenix series. At this time Nvidia GPUs are expected to continue to use Republic of Gamers branding, with no Nvidia-equivalent MARZ series webpage on the ASUS website.

ASUS rumoured to be creating a AREZ sub-brand for AMD graphics products

(ASUS has created AMD GPUs under the ARES name before)

Those who have followed AMD/ASUS for a long time will know that ASUS' first ROG series product was their Republic of Gamers CROSSHAIR, an AMD AM2 motherboard which achieved world record overclock on AMD's famed Athlon 64 FX-62 processor. This face makes it extremely sad as the possibility that the ROG brand will be removed from future AMD/Radeon products.
You can view ASUS' AREZ graphics card webpage here.
You can join the discussion on ASUS' upcoming AREZ series of graphics cards on the OC3D Forums.

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