How To Change Windows 10 Theme : Best Dark Theme (Free)
How To Change Windows 10 Theme : Best Dark Theme (Free)

Windows 10 can be boring sometimes when it came to its style and theme. In this quick tutorial, I am going to share with you how I did turn my default theme to this dark theme.

I like very much dark colors on my pc, this is why I searched a lot on the internet to get a darker look for my windows 10 and I finally find Penumbra. Penumbra or Penumbra 10 is one of the best theme I ever used to customize my Windows 10.

Steps :

  • 1-DownLoad the Required Files by Clicking on Download :

  • 2- Watch the Tutorial :


What I did say in this video :

  1. extract these files in the same folder
  2. Now type in the search bar create and choose create a restore point so if something bad happens we could restore our system to the point where it was working fine
  3. After creating the restoring point install UltraUXThemePatcher
  4. Now reboot your system
  5. Open Font folder then select all the font files then right click with your mouse and choose install
  6. Now open visual style then choose the right folder according to your windows 10 build. you can verify that by opening system
  7. Select all files and copy them to the resources folder like you see in this tutorial
  8. now right click on your desktop then choose to personalize and choose one the penumbra 10 theme
  9. Finally, let’s have a complete dark theme by opening OldNewExplorer and check only the boxes you see in this tutorial. Then click install and yes on both popups windows
  10. There you go a beautiful dark windows theme for free.

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How To Change Windows 10 Theme: Best Dark Theme (Free).

How To Change Windows 10 Theme: Best Dark Theme (Free).

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