Google is ‘ investigating’ reports of Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in

Google is ‘ investigating’ reports of Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in

In this weekend, reports began to surface suggesting that the Pixel 2 XL Screen may be showing signs of screen burn-in on some of the early review units that have been in the hands of media for the better part of the past two weeks.. Additional examples can be found here and here and here. That’s not good.

Also ou can see it below another example showing a  Pixel 2 XL screen burin-in.

Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in or temporary retention?

So what is Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in and should you be worried about it? Pixel 2 XL Screen burn-in happens when the same image sits on a display for a long period of time. It’s as if those image parts that aren’t moving are being burned-in to the display and will continue to show remnants of themselves even as you switch the Pixel 2 XL  screen to something else. An example can be seen , where a reviewer Pixel 2 XL screen is showing nothing but a blank grey screen with hidden navigation bar, yet you can see a faded navigation bar with buttons.

Pixel 2 XL screen
Pixel 2 XL screen
















Now, there are two takeaways here for the most part. If this is screen burn-in, that would likely be a permanent “burn” to the screen that would leave these pixels forever showing that navigation bar fade. That would not be good. If it’s something like a temporary image retention, that could be more of a temporary ghosting, where the display is showing leftover pieces of the previous display contents, but will eventually wash them away as new imagery takes its place.

Which is this? That we do not know, but I can tell you that the picture above was taken immediately after flipping the phone from portrait with the navigation bar open to full-screen and it hidden. It was pretty obvious right away that there was either burn-in or image retention going on. However, as the reviewer let the phone sit with that same grey screen for the past few minutes, it’s almost all faded away and is now just a clean grey screen.

Should you be worried?

Screen burn-in isn’t an uncommon issue, but it does seem especially worrisome that it’s showing up within a week or so of these units coming into usage. It’s also possible that what we’re looking at here is image retention instead of actual screen burn-in. If that’s the case, then it’s not as permanent. Neither one is good, but “ghosting” goes away where burn-in may not. Android Central has a good breakdown.

Whatever it is, it’s worrisome, and below you will see  Google’s response from a spokesperson in full, but obviously pay attention to the second part more than the rosy specs listed in the first half:

The Pixel 2 XL screen has been designed with an advanced POLED technology, including QHD+ resolution, wide color gamut, and high contrast ratio for natural and beautiful colors and renderings. We put all of our products through extensive quality testing before launch and in the manufacturing of every unit. We are actively investigating this report.

Maybe! If this is a permanent burn-in that is showing after less than two weeks of usage, that’s not exactly a good thing for a phone you may own for a couple of years. Unfortunately, no one  knows what’s really happening. With that said, this news comes on the heels of supposed other, non-related display issues, like an odd color shift and a muted, sRGB-like color profile setup.We’ll have to wait for Google to provide an official feedback .

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