Nissan makes driving cars with a PlayStation 4 controller a reality!


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Nissan makes driving cars with a PlayStation 4 controller a reality!

Playstation 4 controller isn’t just for your home game console anymore. This time, Nissan Motors made Playstation 4 controller a tool to control a real sport car and test it. The test was really amazing and you will certainly see this on the video below were a real driver take a Playstation 4 controller than drive a sport car from a helicopter. The first part of the video didn’t show the behind scene and the making of but it gave us an idea about the method Nissan used to made the Playstation 4 controller able to control a Nissan GTR for but the second  part of the video will give you dear reader what you need if you are interested in how Nissan was able to make a Playsation 4 controller a tool to remote control the powerful Nissan GTR..  GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough taked a Playstation 4 Controller to remote the powerful Nissan GT-R around Silverstone.

Imagine someday, we will be doing this online using virtual reality and living the experience to drive a beast sport car from home. Of course I am talking about us , the ones who can’t afford the money to buy one. This will surely be great if those big companie though about it .Of course after they make sure that theirs cars are safe by making somehow a method for insurance in case of accident or change the external material for minumum damages… Yes, I know that this is certainly hard to do for now but let

Lets Watch the video wich was provided by the well known youtube channel “Car Throttle“. And Lets See how Nissan makes driving cars with a PlayStation 4 controller a reality!


What do you think about this  and do you think that this experience could change the virtual reality someday?

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