We all saw the super sport cars of Dubai Police Like Ferrari, Lamborghini  and their fastest car The Bugatti  which are used to control traffic and chase other super sport cars  which are very commun in Dubai, but according to Brigadier Khaled Al Razooqi, that wasn’t enough.Today, Dubai police are introducing their new tools to control traffic , this time we are talking about a real hoverbike. A flying motorcycle that can soar above traffic and be used in rescue scenarios is set to join the Dubai police force within 2 years, according to Brigadier Khaled Al Razooqi, Director General of Smart Services at Dubai Police.At their GITEX (Gulf Information & Technology Exhibition) exhibition space, Dubai police displayed the “hoverbike” among several advanced technologies they are introducing to their force.


dubai police hoverboard

dubai police hoverboard

dubai police hoverboard




The single-seater electrically-powered bike – produced by Russian company Hoversurf – can fly for up to 40 minutes depending on the way it is being used.With inventions such as the hoverbike and ‘Robocop’, Dubai Police has been working as part of the government’s plan to use technology to improve services and security ahead of Dubai hosting Expo 2020, a $7 billion exhibition centre project expected to attract 25 million visitors.

The bike, which Dubai Police hope to add to their police force within 2 years, would help monitor large areas from the air and reach emergency situations quickly without needing to deal with traffic. It can also send a live video feed to Dubai Police headquarters.Brigadier Al Razooqi said that in order to preserve utmost safety, Dubai Police have placed an altitude limit of 6 metres for the hoverbike, though he did say that it could fly higher in the future.

Dubai Police hired special captains trained in flying these drones in order to fly over the city in a safe and secure way.”The aim of using the hoverbike is for the rescue purpose and also to monitor the traffic and the incidents whatever it is occurred in Dubai. It’s going to be available soon within the Dubai Police Force,” added Al Razooqi.













Below you will find a video showing Dubai Police Hoverbike


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