How To Install Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 VMware Workstation Windows 10

How To Install Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 VMware Workstation Windows 10

After My Tutorial on How To Install Mac OS Sierra 10.12 On VMware workstation 12 : Windows 10,now I decide to do another one which will be on How To Install Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 VMware Workstation Windows 10. In my case here I am going to install it on VMware workstation 12 running on Windows 10. 

first of all :

Start or Restart your Computer.

Now go to UEFI or Bios setup.

Find for ‘INTEL VIRTUALIZATION TECHNOLOGY’ and Enable the option. Also you can do it directly on vmware workstation by going to edit virtual machine settings then go to processors then choose  then check what you see in red in the picture below

Install Mac OS High Sierra 10.3 VMware Workstation Windows 10
Install Mac OS High Sierra 10.3 VMware Workstation Windows 10

if you did this from the bios dont forget to Save before exit and restarting your computer.

Boot to Windows.

Download links :Wait 5 seconds then click Skip Ad on the top right of the screen

Direct link 6gb google drive : HERE

Link on 5 parts Google Drive : HERE

Patch Tools : HERE

Fix Download Limit:

Winrar to extract your files : HERE

Line to insert in the VMX  configuration file :

smc.version = “0”

Video Tutorial


Install Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 VMware Workstation Windows 10

 If you want to read this is all what I said in this video in case you didn’t understand something:

Install Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 VMware Workstation Windows 10 Installation Steps :

-First of all be sure to install vmware workstation or vmplayer , in my case here I am going to use vmware workstation pro 12. Also be sure to activate virtualization for your cpu intel or amd using bios menu or directly in vmware worksation.
-Now you should have these two archive files , dont worry I am going to add the links on the descrption as always.
-Let’s extract this file into a new folder , lets call it tools
-Extract patch tools in the same folder
-Now be sure that vmware worstation or vmplayer is closed and open unlocker208 and double click on win-install , this will add mac os to vmware worstation or vmplayer. when this operation is done the window will be automatically closed

-Now extract the virtual image of mac os sierra in the desktop or wherever you want just remember where you extract that important file which we will need later .

-Open vmware workstation and click on create a new virtual machine
-Choose typical then choose I will install the operation system later and click next
-Choose apple macos x and choose osx 10.11 then click next
-Name your virtual machine then choose the location where you want to install your mac os and click next
-Choose how much storage you want to give to your virtual os then choose store virtual disk as a single file then click next
-Click finish
-Open tools folder then open code for vmware
-Copy only this line and go to the location of the virtual machine you created
-Open the configuration file using notepad then paste the code in the end of the file and click save
-Return to vmware workstation and choose edit virtual machine
-Change the ram to a minimum of 4gb so be sure that your system has 8gb of ram minimum.
-Change the number of cpu and cores so it gives you at least 4 cores in total
-Choose hard disk then click remove
-Click add then choose hard disk then sata then choose use an existing virtual disk and click next
-Click browse then go where you extract mac os virtual image not the one you created
-Choose the virtual image you find there then click finish
-Click ok then click power on the virtual machine
-Click yes then ok
-Choose your location and click continue
-Choose keyboard layout and click continue
-You an use your apple account , Iam going to ignore this for now
-Click agree then agree again
-Create your computer account then click continue
-Click continue
-Wait for your virtual system to set up everything

-system is installed now we are going to instal vmtools to make this this system works better, increase graphic memory to 128mb,and add the ability to use is in fullscreen mode
-Right click on your virtual machine tab then choose removable device then cd/dvd and click settings
-Choose use iso image file then click browse
-Now go to tools folder and choose vm tool and click open
-Click ok
-Return to your virtual machine tab then right click again choose removable device then cd/dvd then click connect
-Wait a little bit until you see this on your virtual system desktop
-Click install vmware tools then click continue then install
-Now enter your password then click install software
-Click restart
-Click ok
-Right click and choose eject vmware tools
-As you see nothing changed , all we have to do now is going to system preferences then security and privacy
-Click allow
-Restart you virtual system
-Now as you may see the graphic memory is changed to 128mb if it doesnt just repeat the process of install vmware tools again and it will work 100% because you already allow and give permission to that program to run
-We can use the fullscreen mode by going to view and choose autosize then choose autofit guest .

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