How To Easily Connect PS3 PS4 Controller PC 2017 Windows 10

How To Easily Connect PS3 PS4 Controller PC 2017 Windows 10

Why buying a controller for  pc if we have a PS3 or a PS4 controller somewhere in the house ?. In this article I am going to show you how to easily connect your ps3/ps4 controller to pc for windows 10 without using Motioninjoy.

This is really easy to do and it is working perfectly .

1. Microsoft .NET 4.0
2. Visual C 2013 Runtime.
3. Latest DirectX Runtime.
4. Latest Xbox 360 Controller Drivers available.
5. Genuine Sony DualShock3 or DualShock4 or SixAxis Controller(s).
6. Minimum of Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Dongle (if using Bluetooth).
7. Administrator rights on your PC.

Easily Connect PS3 PS4 Controller PC 2017 Windows 10:

1- Be sure to disable drivers signature in windows 10 :

  • Go to Settings

  • Go to update & security

  • Go To recovery
  • Under Advanced startup click Restart Now

  • Click on Troubleshoot

  • Click on Advanced options

  • Click startup settings

  • Click Restart

  • Finally choose Disable deriver signature enforcement by click on F7 which represent the option number 7 :


2- That’s it now you will be able to install and use ScpToolkit_Setup:

  • Download : H E R E
  • Watch Video Tutorial below :




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