Every new year, at one of, if not the biggest tech show, new revolutionary technologies are displayed. And this article will be wrapping up the coolest, most interesting of the bunch.

iBUYPOWER’s Snowblind:

Back where we left it, at CES 2016, the Snowblind case was just a project, a proof of concept. It was more like a testament that we could do this and e probably will. And that’s exactly what iBUYPOWER did. They took their time revamping the concept and trying to make it work. For those of you who didn’t know about it: Yes, that sidepanel is an LCD display. And yes, it works like a monitor. I wouldn’t know why you’d game on it but yes you could. The issue back in its first prototype was the backlight, because it is an LCD panel strapped on ti a piece of glass, it didn’t have a backlight, and as it is kind of exclusive to iBUYPOWER, they decided to include super bright LEDs inside each case to play the role of a backlight. What could have solved the problem and made it a more premium product would be making the panel out of OLED which doesn’t need a backlight and looks a lot more vibrant than LCD. But admittedly, it will make it more expensive than the $200 premium the company decided to charge for this rather interesting piece of tech.


Razer’s Project Valerie:

Yes, that thing is in fact a triple monitor laptop. Although not super functional since it’s still a concept and the showcased piece is just a dummy with not working hinges, that thing is a beast of its own! Not only does it look super cool and anyone owning it would be instantly the center of the world for the people around him being the baller he is, but it’s also a very functional piece of tech especially for content creators on the go. Perfect for the show it was displayed in! Because real estate is the content creator’s best friend. And once Razer finalizes the project and releases this in the market, I am sure it will grab the attention of a lot of people. If it wasn’t stolen that is… And stolen it was! The person who did it is still unknown and Razer is offering him good money to return it but no news yet…


Asus’ super monitors

The PG258Q
   The PG27UQ

ASUS did it again. They’ve demo-ed not one, but two new revolutionary monitors:

  •  The PG258Q, which is a 24.5″ 1080P TN panel that’s the world’s fist mass production 240Hz monitor on the market! Yes, 240Hz, with G-Sync as well! This monitor will retail for $500 which is not cheap but certainly very competitive
  • The PG27UQ. This one is a big one. It’s a 27″ 4K panel. Super sharp images right off the bat, but that most interesting thing about it is that it’s a 144Hz HDR panel! High refresh rates are also hitting 4K monitors. The thing about it though is that you’ll need to have a DisplayPort 1.4 capable graphics card or at least 2x DP 1.3 cables going into to it to get it to work. And the only GPUs on the market that can do that right now are Nvidia non-consumer Pascal GPUs. Surely, the monitor itself won’t launch before any of the major GPU manufacturers integrate DP 1.4 into their offerings and it’s also rumored to retail for $1000.



Project Valerie:

Asus’ Monitors