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First Look on AMD VEGA : Doom Ultra 4k over 60fps

Most of you guys are aware of the CES 2017 Event which is will end today unfortunately … But in this final day, Linus  was one of the fewest out there puttin their hands on the AMD VEGA.

First Look on AMD VEGA : Doom Ultra 4k over 60fps

According to Videocardz, we have a bit more information on the AMD VEGA 10 and VEGA 20. VEGA 10 – the first GPUs to be based on the company’s new architecture – may be available by the endo of the  first half of 2017. Following that a dual GPU Vega 10 product is slated for a release in Q3 or Q4 of 2017 and a refreshed GPU based on smaller process node with more HBM2 memory called Vega 20 in the second half of 2018. The leaked slides also mention that Navi  which is basically the Vega’s successor might be launched  in 2019 with two variants called Navi 10 and Navi 11 where Navi 11 will smaller and a less powerful GPU.

VEGA 10 with its  14 nm GPU will offer up to  64 NCUs and as much as 12 TFLOPS of single precision and 750 GFLOPS of double precision compute performance respectively. Half precision performance is twice that of FP32 at 24 TFLOPS (which would be good for things like machine learning). The NCUs allegedly run FP16 at 2x and DPFP at 1/16. If each NCU has 64 shaders like Polaris 10 and other GCN GPUs, then we are looking at a top-end Vega 10 chip having 4096 shaders which rivals that of Fiji. Further, Vega 10 supposedly has a TDP up to 225 watts.

To make the picture more clear for you guys let’s  talk about this comparison, the 28nm 8.9 billion transistor Fiji-based R9 Fury X ran at 1050 MHz with a TDP of 275 watts and had a rated peak compute of 8.6 TFLOPS. While we do not know clock speeds of Vega 10, the numbers suggest that AMD has been able to clock the GPU much higher than Fiji while still using less power (and thus putting out less heat). This is possible with the move to the smaller process node, though I do wonder what yields will be like at first for the top end (and highest clocked) versions.

Vega 10 will be paired with two stacks of HBM2 memory on package and will offer a memory of 16gb  and a bandwidth of 512 GB/s. The increase in memory bandwidth is thanks to the move to HBM2 from HBM (Fiji needed four HBM dies to hit 512 GB/s and had only 4GB).

Now let’s talk about some gaming experience, well Linus tried Doom on 4k ultra settings (which was achieved after adding some commands on the console) and the result was epic, Doom Ultra 4k Was over 60fps the whole time.

What do you think guys, is this the future of the gpu? …Are we going to fast in the gaming industry and we will soon leave our today’s powerful gpu for these new generation monsters?


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