(Sorry if this is confusing, this is a first day roundup according to 0+GMT)

The LCD Sidepanel

LCD Sidepanel

As we said yesterday on our article on this (Which you can find here) on the matter. The technology has existed for ages but no opportunity seemed to present itself. iBUYPOWER decided it’s time… I bet this is going to be the new gimmick after RGB, although much more useful…


Corsair’s Crystal 460X


Crystal 460X
Corsair is taking a step forward and exploring a new section of the market with their first ever attempt at a fully tempered glass covered case under the title:” Nothing to hide”. Fortunately, since it’s tempered glass, we can see the interior which looks like it’s another 400C. The case will shit with SP 120 RGBs as well

Corsair’s Air 740

Air 740


The successor to the very well received Air 540 which needed a followup and it’s been indeed long overdue. Like it’s predecessor, this case features the “dual chamber” design which isolates the PSU and some of the components from your main ones to maximize airflow and clearance and giving it a cube-like shape. I personally don’t know how to feel about this design. It’s aiming to be futuristic but also reminds me of the wonky cases in the 2000s. There’s a little Easter egg as well: If you look under the front I/O you’ll see a cutout that’s rumored to be made for an expansion Corsair is going to sell that will feature all the I/O needed for you VR headsets that will, of course, plug directly into your motherboard.



This is becoming a hilarious meme as of late because AMD seems to be absolutely disappointing everyone: Every single company at PAX West is showing off new stuff. Meanwhile in the AMD booth:

They’ve released a “new” CPU called the FX8300, which is not new at all but it was a relatively low power CPU that was an Asia exclusive and they now decided to release to the rest of the world

FX 8300 Box


You can pick up this CPU on Newegg 

No new information about Zen but they said they’re working with devs to get the low-overhead APIs (DX12 and Vulkan) off the ground and optimize the games for a bigger CPU count


Razer was teasing rather than displaying, their new Razer Blade Stealth. It was put underneath a piece of glass with nothing showing but the wallpaper. But the all devious Linus Sebastian, as always, trolling companies, lifted  the glass and looked for the specs. The laptop has a 7500U, the new low power KabyLake i7 and 16GB of RAM this time

Razer Stealth

Here’s a look at the video