Logitech has been known as the biggest peripheral manufacturer whether it comes to gaming to mainstream peripherals. But the company looked like it’s been straying away from the work-friendly design and shifting more towards the flashy blings on RGB keyboards. But today, before PAX Prime, Logitech decided to announce their new Prodigy  lineup in effort to unify both of the work and gaming markets. So is Logitech Prodigy bridging two worlds or is it just a marketing campaign?

1. The Lineup

The Logitech Prodigy lineup consists of 3 different peripherals (4 if you count the mouse variation) :

-The G213




At a glance it might look like an other iteration of the G810 with a wrist rest included. But in reality, this is a membrane keyboard! Logitech seems like it’s going with the “silence factor” for work environments who demand less noise like libraries. This keyboard has customized membrane plungers for a deeper travel distance and it’s also equipped with RGB lighting, but for $70 you’re not going to get the premium features like N-Key rollover or variable polling as this keyboard ship with a 500Hz polling rate

-The G403

logitech-g403-prodigy-review (2)_1200x500

Another approach by Logitech for maximum gaming performance but with another shape. This is one of my favorite mice shapes since it’s safe for all grips and reminds me a bit of EC2-A

This mouse is equipped with the 3366, has RGB lighting and what seems to be enhanced Omron switches  with 2 side buttons of the left and a braided USB cable. You can expect everything from the G900, G Pro and G502 to be on here as well. And there’s also a wireless variant of it.

-The G231



This is probably the least exceptional of all the new Prodigy lineup since it’s just a refresh of the G230 with some minor tweaks.

In conclusion, what do I think of this lineup? I personally think Logitech is just making excuses to release another membrane keyboard because who will put and RGB keyboard on his desk at work, or buy a $70 mouse or even a $70 headset? I don’t think anyone would do that. But the G403 is definitely a welcome addition since it seems to look so comfortable in shape and I think most people will like it hence the EC2-A – like shape.