After the announcement of the Prodigy Lineup from Logitech, which you can find out more about over here, Logitech seemed to be satisfied with their current releases of mice. Until this happened:


A Reddittor by the name of “madn3ss795” snagged these shots from a local reseller at his town and, yes, you read it right, the newcomer to the Prodigy lineup: “The G102”. Which looks exactly like a GPro and feels like a G100s. In fact, this mouse is meant to be replacing the budget-friendly solution that Logitech has had for years now, which is the G100s, with a better performing and better looking mouse for the same price point. Although actual specs aren’t listed in the leaks, it’s confirmed that it’ll have blue LEDs only, which does make sense considering the $40-ish price point Logitech will be aiming at. These pictures were snapped just hours ago and no actual information on the sensor. Although I think Logitech are going to try to cram a 3366 in there and if they couldn’t I think they’re going to go for a typical 3310. Which is really really good for a mouse for $40.

If Logitech could actually achieve this performance at this price point, I think the world of budget mice will be changed for ever! And people on a budget will finally rejoice and feel confident about their aim and not feel like something they can’t really do that much about is holding them back.

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