Yes, you read it right: iBUYPOWER Display First Ever LCD Case SideWindow on the show floor at PAX West!

LCD Sidepanel


For the people who don’t particularly know how monitors work this may be surprising and seem revolutionary for them, but a quick Google about transparent display will tell you a whole other story: Since the first ever LCD display, this probability was present, because every single component on LCDs and OLEDs as well are completely transparent!

So basically, all what iBP did here is just make the concept a proof of concept and slap it on a case. Although cases like these, at least from iBP are still not going to be marketed towards general consumers but rather companies or stores that want to show off their components with some specs or just do whatever they want with the display.

There’s also another use case for this (No puns intended), which is in eSports, advertisers could pay more to run some ads on the cases while the matches are being played. To be full honest, this is a very cool tech, because we might see it used very very well in marketing, like shown in the Facebook video by LinusTechTips about a week ago, a shoe was inside a glass enclosure and some information about the size and the brand was eing displayed on the glass, very cool concept.

It could also be applied to things like your windows at home: For example, if you wanted to open the curtains and check the weather the glass can display things like temperature, humidity, air velocity etc… There are unlimited use scenarios for this type of technology until we get our hands on how to actually create holograms.

Stay tuned as we will try our best to cover most of PAX West as it goes on for this week.

You can also watch Gamer’s Nexus’ whole video about this case here: