Back when we had 1050 information leaks, everyone thought that there would be no way for any other card in the meantime to be released or announced because we’ve had enough of them for the past 2 months that reviews have saturated our YouTube subscription box to the point where you have to fish out the one video that talks about something else from the 15, or so, GPU videos.
And Nvidia thought that working on a new GPU and planning a release in the very near future is a very good strategy as their way of saying:”No your wallet can’t have a break!” as some new set regarding the GTX 1080Ti information has been leaked and show some real changes.

The new GPU is rumored to have 4 SMs disabled out of the original 56 SMs in the TITAN X, resulting in a 3328 CUDA core count and “10.8 TFLOPs” of raw compute power. As you may have guessed this doesn’t seem accurate even though the 1080Ti is supposedly having an increased base clock of 1503MHz. And the guys over at Guru 3D have already debunked this information to be false. But! It doesn’t mean that some of it can’t be true since there are some interesting changes in the specs that may make it into the actual card, if ever released, and they actually make sense.



Table courtesy of Guru3D

As you might have noticed in the VRAM row they actually (Hypothetically) gave it GDDR5 instead of GDDR5X whihc does make sense (Kind of). Because in the recent past, Nvidia has just slashed a little tiny bit from the TITAN lineup and gave you a 30% or something cheaper “Ti” card. And with these changes, they’re lowering down the bandwidth but leaving the 384-bit memory bus there to give it effectively 384 GB/s of bandwidth. Keeping the TDP and power consumption the same is very likely as well.

But here is a problem with this: With the TITAN X, which most likely be very close to the 1080Ti, suffered HORRIBLY from the inadequate “Founders Edition” BS cooler that Nvidia insisted on putting on it and not letting anyone else put anything else (Other than a custom watercooling block and that’s a different story) And since the 1080Ti will very likely have the same TDP, we will see the first batch (The Founders Edition) will not fully unlock the potential of this card.

As you can see in Gamers Nexus’ video about the TITAN X. Putting a different cooler on the card will make a SUBSTANTIAL difference in both average FPS and the 0.1% lows average (Which basically describes frame-timing and stutters) as well as smoothing out some of the clock fluctuation seen within the tests