Here are the best Android apps of August 2016 !
Dango :


Your Eomji Assistant.

Dango appears in any messaging app, and helps you quickly find emoji, stickers, and GIFs, by understanding what you type using deep learning.

Flamingo :
flamingo for twitter is a newer twitter app that seems to check all of the right boxes , it features material design theaming and multi account support that all work together to provide a pretty decent twitter experience: along with that there is built in jiffy support some addditional customization features and its focus on simplicity  means that it’s relatively easy to use, each account can be individually themes which we thought was a nice touch, it’s 99 cents but it’s also still in beta so do the wear of those bugs
Prisma :
what prsima allows you to do is transform your existing photos into some pretty cool-looking artwork using the built-in modern art filters, just snap a photo or choose one from your gallery and you’re off to choose from a whole bunch of different photo effects to make your picture look as if it was painted by picasso
Opera free VPN it’s free vpn service that’s run by surft easy ,using the application is pretty simple essentially just open up the app ,turn it on, pick your region, and then you go ,it also includes a feature that blocks ad tracking which can be switched on independently , opera’s vpn is a full-features vpn like some out there but it’s not a bad backage considering that, it’s free to use
Google Duo
Duo is a video chat mobile app developed by Google, available on both Android and iOS. It was announced at Google I/O on May 18, 2016 alongside Allo, an instant messaging app. Duo launched in the United States on August 16, 2016 and globally a few days later.
there’s feature called knock knock that allows you to see who’s calling you and thier video feed before you pick it up which kind of nice perhaps it’s best feature is how easy it is to use you dont have to sign up for an account or any thing special , all you have to do is verify your phone number once and you can immediately start making videos calls with other people who use duo .