Acer Launching First Ever UltraWide Screen Laptop

When you thought laptops couldn’t get any bulkier or heavier. You read this “Acer launching first ever ultrawide screen laptop” I bet you didn’t see that coming didn’t you…

It wasn’t long before someone at some company said to themselves:” Well, Gee… Why can’t I take this thing from Desktop and put it on a laptop” which seems like it’s a trend. Don’t get me wrong, this is a step in the right direction since with Nvidia’s new laptop lineup it ditched completely the “M” SKUs which a very welcome move. But whether you like the new Predator X21 or not, it’s completely up to you since this is NOT a LAPtop because of the features packed into it.

Physical tour first!

Predator X21
As the name implies this monstrosity of a laptop packs a G-Sync, 21:9, 21 inch, 2560 x 1080 IPS screen and Aw yes! It is curved and the curvature rating is 2200R. When closed the laptop looks something like this:


X21 Closed

The X21 measures at 568 x 314.5 x 83.25mm (WxDxH) without including the screen. And, wait for it, IT WEIGHS 8KG! By the way completely justifiable when looking at the specs (More on that later) But damn it! It’s so heavy! And that’s why I decided to not call it a LAPtop but rather a Portable BattleStation since you’re not going to put that on your lap unless you’re doing some exercises…

This giant Portable BattleStation borrows from the GT80 Titan in terms of the keyboard and touchpad choices. Acer decided to go with a fully mechanical, Cherry MX Brown keyboard with a touchpad that double as a Number Pad, exactly like the GT 80 Titan but this time with RGB backlighting and it offers 6 hotkeys on the left (No information whether or not they’re programmable) and what looks like a detachable wrist rest which further prove my point that this is intended to be used on a desk.

On the right and left sides of the keyboard you have the speakers. When moving up a little bit you can see the MASSIVE air vents on the sides underneath the screen and what looks like an exposed LED-lit fan with a power button in the bottom of the, what looks like tempered glass, window.

And speaking of fans this laptop has 5 fans, three of which are Acer’s AeroBlad metal fans that are supposed to offer more static pressure to keep the temps of this beast in check because this thing packs 2 GTX 1080s, a non-disclosed KabyLake CPU (Which most likely will be a 7700HQ), the usual overkill 64GB of RAM and up to 4TB of RAID 0 capable SSD storage (My guess it’ll be an array of Samsung 961s)!

Not only the weight but the specs are insane! And surprise, surprise, Acer hasn’t said anything about pricing… My guess that it’ll be upwards of $6000 but interested buyers can configure their laptops starting in January…

Keep an eye on so you can know when this laptop is going to officially launch