Yes. More GPU rumors. I’m sorry. But this one is very interesting (Like I haven’t said that in all of them already), because the rumored 1080Ti information, that we covered here, seemed to be somewhat reasonable even though the screenshot that started the whole discussion was probably faked. But according to they actually are true! All of them! And not only that, but some release dates have leaked as well. The card is rumored to be launching in the first week of January 2017, at CES 2017 to be exact, which kind of makes sense.

How Do The 1080Ti CES 2017 Launch Rumors Hold Up?

Well, from a historical standpoint this has been the trend with the 80Ti and the TITAN cards prior to the TITAN X: Nvidia launches their “flagship” cards (The 70 and 80 cards), waits for around 6-4 months then releases the TITAN and 80Ti cards.
It also makes sense from a business standpoint since AMD is also planning to launch their Vega GPUs during the same general time, and the introduction of the 1080Ti (And presumably the 1050 and 1050Ti cards if the rumors weren’t true and they didn’t launch in October) will definitely be a challenge and a direct hit to AMD.
And for those of you who are concerned about availability, the thing that made the 1080 rarer than the 1070 and so scarce was the inclusion of GDDR5X (G5X) since a single fab. is making it (Global Foundries) as opposed to the more widespread GDDR5 memory that is most likely going to be shipped with the 1080Ti. I’m not saying it’ll be as easy to find as the 970s and 780s back in the day were but it should definitely make supply just a tad bigger.

And now remains the question that everyone will be concerned about. That perhaps has a single logical answer that frankly no one wants to be true: Pricing. And it would only make sense, from a business and segmentation standpoint to release it for $999-$850 and with a $800 “MSRP”. Yes, I know GPU prices are messed up, and I don’t like it…

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