Opera brings free Android VPN service

Opera brings free Android VPN service via its Android App, allowing you to visit websites anonymously , change your virtual location and stop sites from tracking you around the web.

Get super fast access to everything you love on the web, for free! And you’re no longer limited by your geolocation!

Opera VPN dosen’t require you to create an account and doesn’t set limits on how much data you consume through the service.

So you browse anonymously without giving away your real IP Address and you can access region-locked contect by spoofing your location .

Opera VPN supports several languages and lets you choose from  five server locations : US ,Canada ,Germany ,Singapore and The Netherlands


WI-FI tool 

Check your Wi-Fi network’s security level with the network scanner in opera VPN for android . It will check the IP address , the number of users logged on , whether or not your data could be intercepted , and whether the network’s administrator can see your activity. A safety score between A+ and F, shown both before and after you turn on Opera VPN on your device, will help you decide when you need protection.


Opera VPN gives you the performance you need from people you can trust. SurfEasy’s unique technology reflects Opera’s 20-year tradition of innovation, which enables more than 350 million people worldwide to do what matters most to them online.

The app is available now for free on Google Play.

All you have to do is download the app and follow the instructions above.

Why is Opera offering this free VPN service on Android only?

To be fully honest, I think it’s a PR stunt and they’re just pushing for this new feature to increase adoption and traffic through their browser because most people are still on Chrome and not planning on switching any time soon unless they get to benefit from very controversial features to say the least such as a free VPN service that Apple won’t allow because of their business model