What is it?

The HacBook Elite, which is a Fully Fonctioning 329 USD MacOS Laptop, is a so-called Hackintosh laptop that’s capable to run macOS and is quick enough to boot in only 15 seconds. It comes inside a HP laptop case and is fully upgradable after purchase, just like any Windows PC. All other specifications are roughly as good as an entry-level MacBook Pro, except for notable parts like the Retina display.





How do they achieve this price point? Why aren’t all Macbooks 329USD!

The answer is clear and simple: Apple’s products suck from a bang for buck, or price to performance stand point. They’re simply way overpriced just because of the popularity of the brand name and the, IMO, BS that Apple is throwing at non-tech-savvy people like “It’s faster than 90% of the computers on the market” or “it looks sleak and simplistic and it fits everywhere” and hell even the complete utter crap about not including a USB-A Port on the 2015 MacBook air. People! Look at this! The Huawei Mate Book is thinner than the MacBook air AND still has USB-A ports!
All that has been done to achieve thiis aggressive and fair price point is get a pre-built laptop and put MacOS on it: It’s that simple

What’s the future of this unoficial, and probably illegal, MacOS Book?

I really want to like the HacBook, if only for its extremely low price point — something rarely seen with the products Apple produces. Unfortunately, it will almost definitely not be available for very long.

That’s because Apple doesn’t allow macOS to be run on anything else then their own hardware, and the amount of copyrights this is infringing hurts my brain. If you’re interested, be sure to sign up through the website soon before it’s too late. Snag one from here!