Razer made a game capture card for livestreaming


LiveStreaming is now a big deal and a big business specially for gamers and small events … Razer teams knows that very well.They managed to release their own Livestreaming game capture card whic called “The Ripsaw”. 
The Ripsaw game capture card will make able to share your console and PC gaming exploits on the likes of Twitch or YouTube. It’s built to work “out of the box” with common streaming apps like Open Broadcaster Software and XSplit. It has a combination of a USB 3.0 connection and audio inputs for both your video (uncompressed 1080p, 60FPS footage) and your commentary track.
The Ripsaw will cost you 180 dollars and you will get all the cables you need in the box. They are clearly aiming  to create a box that meets the needs of veteran streamers, but won’t intimidate other companies.
I should Also mention that you should have a  reasonably powerful PC, with both a 4th-generation Core processor and a mid-range graphics card.

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