Mobile SLI compare to a desktop-class GPU : Aorus X7 Pro V5 VS Sager NP9870U2 G

Does the SLI graphics card configuration in Aorus’ latest X7 Pro stand up against the recent laptops we’ve seen with desktop-grade GTX 980s?
Well after a couple of benchmark tests done by the famous LinusTechTips  where they managed to compare the New Aorus X7 Pro V5 with its SLI Nvidia GTX 970, 32 GB DDR4 and I7-6820HK  against the NP987OU2 G from Sager with its Nvidia GTX 980s , a 64 GB DDR4 and i7-6700K . theses are the result :

We should also mention that,  the fans on the Aorus X7 Pro v5 was so loud whether it is overclocked or not which will make you for sure want to wear a pair of headphones when you are gaming or doing some 3D or video rendering .

Finally this is the Full Review : 

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