Intel could dump Nvidia for a licensing deal with AMD


Intel could dump Nvidia and go  for a licensing deal with AMD.
Intel is now under a licensing agreement with Nvidia signed  in 2011 with a cost  of 1.5 billion dollars after  spending years fighting each other in courts. This Licensing agreement will expire on March 17,2017. Barron’s website claimed that Bloomberg report that Intel may turn to AMD for to AMD for Radeon graphics tech licensing.
Until now , the licensing deal Nvidia was without any impact for consumers beside preventing the two companies from wasting time and energy trying to sue each other.but let’s talk about what intel and AMD achieved working together lately :

Just to speculate, this could pave the way for AMD to more directly integrate its graphics innovations into other companies’ chips—including Intel’s. 

It’s intriguing to think of what a licensing deal with Intel can bring, especially with Intel leading the mini-PC invasion. Keep in mind, this is just a rumor for now.
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