After My Tutorial on how to install Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10 on Vmware worksation 12 ,now I decide to do another one which will be on how to install Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11 on VMware Player and VMware workstation 12/11. I n my case here I am going to install it on VMware workstation 12 running on Windows 10. 
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***one file

 For vmware workstation 11 nd 12 :

Please Follow the steps on this video : 

 If you want to read this is all what I said in this video in case you didn’t understand something:

You should first have VMware Workstation 12 installed
Installation Steps :

  1. 1-Extract unlock 207 
  2. 2-Open the extracted folder then right click on win-install.cmd and run as administrator 
  3. 3-Wait until the black screen vanish by itself and you are good to go.
  4. 4-Extract OSX 10.11 El Capitan Retail
  5. 5-Open VMware Workstation 12 and choose “create a new virtual machine” 
  6. 6-Choose typical then click Next
  7. 7-Choose I will install the operating system later then click next 
  8. 8-Choose Apple Mac OSx and version OSx 10.11
  9. 9-Rename the virtual machine like you want 
  10. 10-Click browse and add a new folder where your virtual machine files will be located.(make sure it is not the same name of the folder where we did extract OSX 10.11 El Capitan retail) 
  11. 11-Click ok then click next 
  12. 12- Choose store virtual disk as a single file then click Next 
  13. 13-Finally Click Finish 
  14. 14-Now Choose edit virtual machine settings then choose at least 4 gb of ram then 4 processors 15-Remove the Hard disk(SATA) 
  15. 16-Now click Add then choose Hard Disk then choose SATA then click Next 
  16. 17-Choose Use an existing virtual disk then click Next 
  17. 18-Click browse then choose the file that we extracted before (OSX 10.11 El Capitan retail by…. ) then click open 
  18. 19-Click finish then Keep Existing Format 
  19. 20-Click Ok 
  20. 21-Now return to Unlock 207 folder then open “key for vmware.txt” and copy smc.version = “0” 
  21. 22-Open the New folder that we create for the virtual machine and open the file .vmx using notepad 
  22. 23-Paste smc.version = “0” in the end of the text and click save 
  23. 24-Open VMware workstation 12 then follow the video 
  24. 25-Now we should install darwin tools. 
  25. 26-Right click on the virtual machine , choose removable devices then CD/DVD (SATA) then settings 27- choose iso image file then click browse 
  26. 28-Go to unlock 207 folder then tools folder then choose darwin.iso 
  27. 29-Now click connect 
  28. 30-Double click on VMware tools and install then enter your password 
  29. 31-Click restart and you will be able to use your Mac OSX El Capitan . 
  30. 32-Finally if you want to use Mac OSX El Capitan in Full Screen all you have to do is going to view then choose Fit guest Now

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