How To Encrypt Your Secret Files in a JPG Picture (No need for password)


A while ago I heard about encrypting folders with your “secret” files or important files in a simple JPG picture, but I wasn’t curious enough about it . Well! until today, when I was thinking about my next tutorial or post and this subject on “How To Encrypt Your important Files in a JPG Picture ” came in my head .Ok now you know why I am writing this article, but how could we do it?  .
it’s actually very simple so lets start .

  • Requirement :  
  1. Pictures Editor : “Paint” for example.
  2. Winrar : DOWNLOAD.
  3.   A simple line which you will type in CMD.
  • Steps :

 1- Open Paint or photoshop and  create a picture then save it as jpg file with the name lokendra (so your final product will be lokendra.jpg) in your desktop.



 2- Create a new folder in your desktop and rename it “me”.



3- Place all your secret or important file in “me” folder.

4-Compress “me” folder with winrar  (final result will be me.rar)


5-Open CMD 


6-Type cd desktop and press Enter button

7- Type  copy /b lokendra.jpg+me.rar new.jpg and press enter

Now you have a new file  in your desktop called “new.jpg” where  all your important file are encrypted :).

  •  How To Access Our Files Again :

If you double click new.jpg , it will open as any other jpg  picture

But let’s look the size of this file first then see how we can access the encrypted folder with our important files:

*Checking the size of the me.rar , lokendra.jpg and new.jpg and see the difference:

*How to access the encrypted file again :

1.Compress new.jpg with winrar (final result new.rar)

2. Open new.rar 
3. Select new.jpg and click on View

4-As you see this is me folder where we did place all our important files 


You can extract them again if you want or just let them hiding in new.jpg 😀

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