How to Dual Boot Deepin 15.1 and Windows 10 [ UEFI Guide]


In this post, I am going to show you how dual boot Deepin 15 / Deepin 15.1 and Windows 10 on a Pc with UEFI firmware. This tutorial is Step by Step and in the end of this post you can find the video tutorial if you are not interested in reading. (I also hope that the pictures doesn’t bother you in matter of size ).
First of all you should download Deepin 15 or Deepin 15.1 iso file  and rufus to create the bootable Deepin 15 usb flash drive.
Download links : 

1- Connect your usb flash drive to your pc and format it with fat32 option.


2- Go to disk management (right click on windows Logo)

3- In the same disk where you installed windows create a new partition for Deepin 15 : at least 24 gb for this partition and leave it as ” Unallocated partition” ; In my case here I am going to create a 34 gb partition.



4-Now open rufus as administrator, then choose the flash drive which you did previously format it in the device section. Leave the other options like you see in the picture below.

 5- Click on the disk button and choose the deepin 15 iso file.


6- Click start. 




7- Close Rufus.

 8- Restart your pc and press the boot device button (in my case it’s the F11 and it is different from pc to another). Then choose your flash drive name with UEFI (look at picture below)

9- Choose install Deepin.
 10- Choose your language. and enter your login informations


11-Change the mode from expert to simple mode by clicking on expert mode.

12-Be sure that this partition is efi , it is where the Grub Bootloader will be installed.

13-On the free space create these 3 partitions in this order. 

click on FreeSpace then New partition : repeat this process for the three partitions

*The First Partition at least 10go for the root. (choose “/” in mount ).

*The Second Partition is for /home add as much as possible  in my case here I am going to make 20gb. (choose “/home” in mount ).

*The Third Partition is the SWAP partition which in my case here is 4gb. (Choose “SWAP” in FileSystem).

14-Finally be sure that UEFI below is checked  and click on the first partition and click install.


15-Wait until the installation is done and restart your PC.

As you see the process of dual booting is successful , now you can choose between Deepin 15 and windows10.


This is Video tutorial in case you find it more easy to follow 

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