Top 3 Best SSDs You Should Consider Buying

As many of you have noticed, the SSD market has recently exploded and these products have become more and more affordable, and better performing. So here are the top 3 SSDs you should consider when buying.

1)- The high-end Go-To SSD.
        The Samsung 850 Pro Shop here at Amazon or Newegg

This SSD has been famous from its release until now in the enthusiast scene for its really fast and balanced speeds. Offering a great performance in gaming and creativity workloads

2)-Bang for Buck SSD:
Sandisk Ultra IIShop here at Amazon or Newegg

This SSD has never been intended to be what it is. It was designed and marketed as a camera SSD to store videos and photos in it at high speeds with no compromises. In some scenarios its Sequential read speeds can go up to 900MB/s! This SSD ended up being one of the best bang for buck SSDs in the gaming market.

3)- The BEST consumer-grade SSD on the market.                 
                        The Samsung 950 Pro
Shop here at Amazon or Newegg


Enough said in the video. This SSD is just NUTS! With sequential reads of 2600MB/s and writes of over 1500MB/s.

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