Apple iPhone 5SE Not ‘6C’ is coming this spring

With the iPhone, rumors are still legions, it is time to talk about the possible new iPhone 5SE not iPhone 6C like many thinks.
Like any rumor, you better know where it comes to measure interest.
This time, Apple might put for us a four-inch iPhone which could include a few features of the iPhone 5S, inclusive of its size, however instead a reality sheet that brings the iPhone 6 which includes an 8-megapixel rear camera, a  Facetime 1.2 megapixel camera but without 3D contact.
This new iPhone might arrive in early spring and could be called iPhone 5se as a “special edition”,What isn’t known completely, the price at which it could be marketed.
Anyways, the very high charge of latest iPhone appears to be a major barrier to buy , even for Apple’s fans and lots prefer to purchase the previous version of the device to an extra inexpensive amount. A few users have a yearning for 4-inches iPhone , which is easier to position within the pocket.

What do you think ? 

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