Samsung Tweaks Galaxy Note 5 Design So The S Pen Won’t Get Stuck

Recently Samsung decide to fix S Pen stuck  when a Galaxy Note 5 owner inserted the wrong way. This was actually one of the most common problems in Galaxy Note 5 .Samsung ignore Galaxy Note 5 owners before by saying read the manual stupid then it add more instructions in the packaging  . 

This is a video showing the S Pen getting stuck when it get inserted the wrong way

Samsung fix the hardware on its Samsung Galaxy Note 5 so the S Pen will never stuck again by changing a little bit the Galaxy Note 5 design. This news was confirmed by The Verge when the Korean Company told them “Samsung can confirm that the Note 5 internal S Pen mechanism has been changed to avoid the issue caused by inserting the S Pen incorrectly. As always, we recommend following proper instructions for storing the S Pen.”
Samsung change the Galaxy Note 5’s internal mechanism  to avoid this problem. This was later confirmed by  a Phandroid reader who take a one shot before and after of the internal mechanism of the Galaxy Note 5 which control the insertion of the S Pen

                                                      this is the before & after shot

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