Facebook Test The Dislike Button In Japan

A while ago we heard about the new feature which Facebook planed to add to users which is the Dislike button. This new option came after what the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg mention about some facebook posts which represent violence or death by saying ‘Not every moment is a good moment’’   . After Testing this option in 6 countries like Spain and Ireland, Facebook is testing this feature now in Japan before it will be finally available to the rest of the world. 
Of course The dislike button wasn’t like we all imagine which is like this:

But it will be a bunch of smileys like these : 

So soon all of Facebook users will see these smileys beside the Like button so they can choose one of them to express their feelings about the shared post in a page, group or a friend wall.
What do you think about this new feature? are excited about it or no ?

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