5 Android Shortcuts To Do Things Faster

We love android, and we use it everyday in our devices so how about 5 shortcuts which can make you able to do certain actions faster?. These are 5 Android Shortcuts To Do Things Faster.

1-Turn on the Do Not Disturb mode using one button  (marshmallow only) :

To turn on the Do Not Disturb Mode in your Android device which is running on Marshmallow 6.0 all you have to do is press and hold the volume down button.

2-Take screenshot (Marshmallow only) :

Taking a screenshot was always simple and easy in Android Os , you can do that by a combination of buttons like the power button + volume down until you hear a click sound or in Sony Xperia for example you just press and hold the power button and the option of taking a screenshot appear with the shutdown and restart options. In Marshmallow , there’s another way to do this. Just press and hold the home button then tap share and within a second your device will take a screenshot

3- Launch the camera app with a simple gesture (marshmallow only) :

This is also for marshmallow users only , you can launch the camera app by double clicking on the Power button.

4-Refresh a webpage in chrome :

Instead of using the refresh button on the left of the address bar, you can refresh the webpage by just pulling down the page.

5- See the App information :

The usual way to get the app info is going to settings then Apps and you search for the app you plan to see its info. instead of doing that , you can see all the useful data information about any app which include , data consumption, notifications pop up,how much storage it does use…etc by opening the application tray ,then tap and hold the app icon, then slide it up to the “App info” and finally release.

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