Top Antivirus Fail In Basic Security Tests


First thing we do after  installing a new operating system is the installation of an antivirus. But before doing that we try to find the best one on the market which in general should to  be one of these “Avast, McAfee, Norton, Avira, Kaspersky and Bitdefender” then we keep using our PCs and thinking that we are 100% safe and secure. 
Well after this test, you will be in chock and you will know that those famous antivirus fail miserably in basic security tests.
Redditor “man_on_the_train” runs his own tests to find that almost all top Anti-virus software fail miserably and this is the result :

 “SpyShelter does excellent job in protecting itself from being killed off by malware. It does detect attempts of executing malicious code through Task Scheduler.” Man_on_the_train adds, “BITStest has proven that advanced malware be unable to do anything if user decides to block the action.”

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