The CPU of The Year

One of the most important pieces in PCs is certainly the CPU.Today , I am going to show you the best CPUs of 2015  starting from the low budget CPU to the expensive one.

•Low Category 40$-100$ : 

   Intel Celeron G1820 “40$”
 Intel Celeron G1820

   Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition “70$”

 Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition

   AMD FX-4350 “90$”

AMD FX-4350

•Middle-class Category 100$-200$ :

   AMD FX-6300 “100”
AMD FX-6300

   Intel Core i3-4170 “110$”
Intel Core i3-4170
   AMD FX-8320 “145$”
AMD FX-8320

  •High Category 200$-400$ :

   Intel Core i5-6500 “205$”
Intel Core i5-6500
    Intel Core i5-6600K “270$”
 Intel Core i5-6600K
   Intel Core i7-6700K “420$”
Intel Core i7-6700K

•The Best CPUs Ever :

   Intel Core i7-5930K “480$”

Intel Core i7-5930K

   Intel i7-5960X “1050$”
Intel i7-5960X
So what do you think about these CPU and which one you want to buy ?
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