PopcornTime Alternative For Ubuntu 15.10 And Below : Strem

A couple of days ago , Popcorntime stopped working on Ubuntu and we are not able to watch our favorites movies and Tv Shows. This is why I did a couple of researches on the internet and I find an alternative way to kepp enjoyong streamed movies and Tv Shows. So in this tutorial I am going to show how to watch movies and Tv Show like you did before in PopCorntime. The software Called Strem and it’s basically the same as Pocorntime.
1-First of all go to this link and download the linux version :

2-Create a folder wherever you want and extract the compressed file in it (Strem came in a
compressed file as you see) :

3- Open Strem-runtime by double clicking on it :

4-Creat an account to access the service ( you can create in under one minute) or you can login using facebook  :

5-Enjoy watching your favorites Movies and Tv Shows.

Video Tutorial :
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