New Exploit Will Let Hackers Completely Control Any Android Phone With A Single Click

After Stagefright 2.0 , a new exploit was discovered at PacSec  conference in Tokyo. Using this vulnerability, the hacker will take full control of your Android device and could get all your valuable data easily. The scaring part, is that this vulnerability (flaw) actually work on all Android OS versions.

How this flaw (Vulnerability) works ?:
As soon as you click on a malicious link which leads you to the attacker’s website, your device will be hacked and the hacker will take complete control of your Android device and the data in it (which can be so private or very valuable and very precious). What was very  notable is that the exploit works on its own in a single go, and doesn’t require multiple vulnerabilities to work together.
Who discover this vulnerability ?:
The Chinese hacker Guang Gong was the one who discovered this exploit and he did tell Google about it so they can patch in the next update. Google’s reply was “Congratulations to Guang Gong, and thank you for ultimately making the Android and Chrome ecosystem safer and stronger.”. The exploit is still working so be careful and remember only one simple click on a unknown or a fancy link is separating you from being completely hacked.

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