Moto360 2nd gen : A Smart Watch you should buy

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about my opinion on smart watches. To be honest I was never excited about any smart watches on the market and I was considering Smart watches as a new  way to make people more lazy by looking on their watches instead of grabing theirs phones.The other reason is that I love wearing a real watch instead of those ” ugly watches”
But, this is the first time  I wanted  this Moto360 2nd Gen smart watch. The reason obviously is  I like  real watches as a fashion item and this year  Moto360 has what makes it look like  a real watch for me , I mean the look and the feel .Enough talking about me let’s start this article :p.

Moto360 2nd Gen :
Spec :
Moto360 2nd Gen cames with two models : 
OS: Android Wear.
A 46mm LCD display with 400mAh Battery  and A 42 mm LCD display with 300mAh Battery.
4GB of Storage and 512 MB of RAM.
processor : Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 400 with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU (APQ 8026) Adreno 305 with 450MHz GPU.
Wireless charging , Bluetooth ..etc you can check the full Spec with details HERE 

Design :

As you know the first Moto360 was the best looking smart watch last year which the same for this second generation smart watch on this year.This Year Model “Moto360 2nd Gen” cames with 46mm and 42 mm rounded display, a thin body with leather & metal watch bands and it cames with different colors like gold , silver, black …

You can customize your Moto360 2nd Gen When you order it 

Battery Life : 
The Moto360 46mm came with a 400mAh battery and the 42mm cames with 300mAh and it can be easily used the entire day  without any issue. Kellex from DroidLife said ”In my first few days of testing, I was actively tracking battery life, but eventually stopped because it just wasn’t an issue. Initially, I was using “always-on” mode, since that’s the most aesthetically pleasing and preferred mode, as it lets your watch screen remain on to help it keep that traditional watch look. In the first three days with “always-on” mode on, I never once came close to killing the watch in a single day.”

Availabilty and  Price:
Moto360 2nd Gen is already available with a starting price of 300 dollars and it can be arround 450 dollars for the entire Gold edition which is a reasonable price if we compare it with the 800 dollars Huawei gold smart watch

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