Obi : cute gadget to make your cat go crazy

Say bye to your little conference room presentations laser pointer which you used like a toy for your cat. Now with this beautiful gadget you can easily drive you cat nuts without waving your hand manually . This Gadget is called “Obi” and it’s actually a smartphone-controlled laser toy with a modern design( like a bluetooth speaker), available in matte black or white with a cork interior.
“Obi” can be controlled by your iPhone or iPad by swinging your finger on the screen to aim the laser, or you can set it to handle it self automatically. For Cat lover it’s absolutely a must have ( this my personal opinion of course :p ). The price will be around 80$.

Only warning is for Dog owners, The Kickstarter comes with an interesting warning concerning Obi and dogs: “According to some animal behaviorists, some dogs exhibit ‘obsessive’ qualities, in which chasing a laser dot can mess with their psyche, since they can’t actually catch it. If you are at all concerned about your dog’s behavior in this regard you should not use Obi with your dog.”
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