How To Read Linux Files On windows : DiskInternals Linux Reader

Hi Everyone,
Today I am going to share with you a very simple way to read Linux files on Windows using a free software called DiskInternals Linux Reader.
First of let’s download DiskInternals Linux Reader from here .

 After the download is done just install it and open it:

Now double click on  the disk where your Linux operation system is installed to access to your files:

 If you want to copy any file to any folder or to your Desktop just right click on the file you want to copy and click save :

This window will appear so hit Next :

Click on Browse, choose where you want to copy your file and hit Next

This window will appear, just hit Next :

Now Wait Until the copying process is done and click finish :

You will find  your file where you choose to copy it :

Video Tutorial:

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