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Dark Theme for Windows 10 – Penumbra

Windows 10 can be boring sometimes when it came to its style and theme. In this quick tutorial, I am going to share with you how I did turn my default theme to this dark theme. I like very much dark colors on my pc, this is why I searched a lot on the internet to get a darker look for my windows 10 and I finally find Penumbra. Penumbra or Penumbra 10 is one of the best theme I ever used to customize my Windows 10. Steps : 1-DownLoad the Required Files by Clicking on Download : 2-...

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Turn Your Android Tablet into a Second Monitor (screen)

Turn Your Android Tablet into a Second Monitor If you want to Turn Your Android Tablet into a Second Monitor with your laptop for example. Or use it as a monitor to keep an eye on your fans speed or CPU/GPU temperature, this tutorial is for you. I am going to upload the APK file so be sure to download it from here or you could buy it from google play store (9.41 dollars). Link from google play store: TwomonUSB Link to the APK File (FREE XD): TwomonUSBAPK This method works also for iOS devices but unfortunately, I don’t have...

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Windows 10 latest update : less FPS and more cpu heat!

Windows 10 latest update : less FPS and more cpu heat! If you are wondering why you are getting less fps in your games and more heat in your cpu, then you are in the right place. The problem started after Windows 10 latest update which has a fix to Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerability . Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerability Impacts Intel most, but AMD, Arm as well Just before the closing bell on Wednesday, Intel released a statement responding to the security issues brought up in this story. While acknowledging that these new security concerns do exist, the...

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Dual Boot Phoenix OS Android 7.1.1 & Windows 10

If you did use emulators like bluestacks to open your androids apps or your favorites android games on PC, you already know the struggle. In this article I am going to show you how to install android 7.1.1 as an operation system alongside with your current windows 10 .So basically you will have the full Android 7.1.1 operation system on your pc working the same way as your phone but with better performances because it will run using the full spec of your pc. In this article you will learn how you dual boot phoenix os android 7.1.1 with...

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AMD RX VEGA 56 & VEGA 64 Benchmarks

AMD RX VEGA 56 & VEGA 64 Benchmarks Yesterday we did publish an article where we get some Unboxing of the new RX VEGA 56 and VEGA 64  and I promise to publish the benchmarks when they are available. Today, we got those benchmarks and we will post them here. So these are AMD RX VEGA 56 & VEGA 64 Benchmarks : System used in this benchmarks test specifications: i9-7900X 4.8 GHZ. MSI X299 XPOWER GAMING. G.SKILL RIPJAWS 4*4GB 3200MHZ CORSAIR H100I V2. CORSAIR HX1000I. AMD RX VEGA 56 & VEGA 64 CARD SPECIFICATIONS : AMD RX VEGA 56 &...

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