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Turn Your Android Tablet into a Second Monitor (screen)

Turn Your Android Tablet into a Second Monitor If you want to Turn Your Android Tablet into a Second Monitor with your laptop for example. Or use it as a monitor to keep an eye on your fans speed or CPU/GPU temperature, this tutorial is for you. I am going to upload the APK file so be sure to download it from here or you could buy it from google play store (9.41 dollars). Link from google play store: TwomonUSB Link to the APK File (FREE XD): TwomonUSBAPK This method works also for iOS devices but unfortunately, I don’t have...

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watch the live stream for today’s Apple iPhone press conference

Apple is holding a press conference today at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, and the company is expected to disclose the new iPhone as well as the Apple Watch 2. At 10 AM PT (1 PM in New York, 6 PM in London), you’ll be able to watch the event on all Apple devices. Apple is likely to talk about iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, and maybe we’ll get more about the upcoming update for the MacBook Pro. here’s how you can watch today’s Apple event: Safari on the Mac or iOS. Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. An Apple TV gen...

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Know What Your Partner Type Before He Send it With Hiboo

What if you can see what your partner about to type before he send it?. Well this is actually possible now with an application called Hiboo which is now available only on iOS plateform (iPhone, iPad), but we will surely see this application on the Android market soon.The concept behind Hiboo is simple; the receiver will see everything you type before you hit send. This is weird and can be a life destroyer specially if you type things at angry moment and you decide to delete what you type before you send it . With this app, you will not be able to do that because your partner will absolutely see everything you type.Hiboo is not good for me, because I type always what’s came in my mind even if it is dirty, then I read it and send something else if it wasn’t appropriate. Imagine you are using Hiboo with your boss or girlfriend … It will be absolutely a problem if you know what I mean hhh. Tell us what you think about this application  and do you plan to use it...

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